Het begeleiden van bedrijven en individuen in hun verdere groei. De begeleidingen zijn resultaat gericht en kortlopend.


"Pia has a strong ability to analyse people and situations. Her approach and methodologies, but above all its personal coaching lead to great results. A team player, a professional, a woman with insight and perseverance"

Sihame El Kaouakibi, Author #BELIEVE at A Woman's View


"Pia is a coach with a very good people knowledge. She shows how to help the other persons understanding of him or herself. She gets the very best out of someone in such a way people are enabled to make decisions that improve their life. With her warm and supportive personal style, she assists you to deal with several issues. She achieved a successfull experience in treatment of people dealing with various issues, especially work related ones as career planning and burnout".

Ansie Knaepen, HR Professional


"Diadis brengt op een interactieve wijze structuur in de persoonlijke loopbaanplanning. Een aanrader voor iedereen die zijn kerncompetenties wil aanwenden in de verdere uitbouw van zijn carrière".

Franky Van Damme, CEO PSX

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